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Vnloctra is prefered vendor for some biggest names in the world of IT and Localization industry.


Up to now, Vnloctra has partnered with more than 150 worldwide agencies in 35 countries.

Vnloctra has partnered with more than 600 qualified linguists, DTP & Tester specialists in more than 35 countries.more

IT & Technical

We have done about 10 milions of words in the field of automotive, machinery, electronics, home appliances, ... Below are some typical end-clients:

Automotive: Suzuki, Honda, Toyota

Machinery: Kubota, Kawazaki, Misubishi

Electronic: Samsung, LG, Panasonic ...

IT & Software: Google, Twitwer, Microsoft, Fusitsu, NTT, SaleForce, ...

Others: more 

Life science

We have done about 15 milions of words in the field of healthcare, life science.  Below are some typical end-clients:

Healthcare: American Insurance, 

Medical Devices: Siemens, Philips, Omron

Life Scieneces: Omron, Seimens



We have done about 5 milions of words in the field of Business.  Below are some typical end-clients:


Banking: HanaBank

HR Management:

Sale & Marketing: SaleForce

Others: more.