About us

Client First

Honest & Reliable

Smart & Diligent

Vision :         

Be Reliable & Transparent Localization Partner


Help Client's Product/Services reach Expected Markets

Core Value:  

Best Practice of Localization Project Management

Corporate Culture: 

Client First - Honesty - Diligent

Client First

Use up-to-date technology to reduce the cost & time, then lower the prices

Use qualified experts to produce & deliver quality services; Keep production adhere to QA process; Regularly do performance review to improve quality.

Provide clients with all supports as we can; Follow all agreed terms & conditions.more

Honest & Reliable

Reply any questions as the facts are.

Deliver what we commit;

Do what we agreed;

Give notices our partners earlier if different things raise.more


Be flexible to find suitable solutions for client's project budget.

Try our best to find out  reapeated works or issues to optimize our process, to improve quality and to reduce cost.

Try our best to gain time to deliver our client ontime, to solve problems or issues earlier than client's expectation. more

Our Team

Nguyen Duc Manh