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Vnloctra is prefered vendor for some biggest names in the world of IT, Technology, Life-science and Localization industry.


Up to now, Vnloctra has partnered with more than 200 worldwide agencies in 45 countries.

Vnloctra has partnered with more than 600 qualified linguists, DTP & Tester specialists in more than 45 countries.more

IT & Technology

We have done about 10 milions of words in the field of automotive, machinery, electronics, home appliances, ... Below are some typical end-clients:

Automotive: Suzuki, Honda, Toyota

Machinery: Kubota, Kawazaki, Misubishi

Electronic: Samsung, LG, Panasonic ...

IT & Software: Google, Twitwer, Microsoft, Fusitsu, NTT, SaleForce, ...

Others: more 

Life science

We have done about 15 milions of words in the field of healthcare, life science.  Below are some typical end-clients:

Healthcare: American Insurance, 

Medical Devices: Siemens, Philips, Omron

Life Scieneces: Omron, Seimens



We have done about 5 milions of words in the field of Business.  Below are some typical end-clients:


Banking: HanaBank

HR Management:

Sale & Marketing: SaleForce

Others: more.